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Baking Pleasures - Holiday Gingerbread Bath Bomb

Baking Pleasures - Holiday Gingerbread Bath Bomb

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Sink into serenity with our Baking Pleasures Gingerbread Cookie Bath Bomb! With the familiar smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies, you'll feel like Santa Claus himself is giving you the gift of relaxation. The special ingredient of Carnelian makes us recognize we are just as deserving our pleasuring ourselves. It allows us to radiate a warmth within ourselves nearly instantaneously. Home to our creativity centers and keeping the energy flowing through this chakra will allow you to discover your own personal gratification. Let the soothing bath bomb leave your skin feeling oh-so soft and your spirit feeling oh-so warm. Now you can bathe like it's Christmas any time of the year! Infused with Carnelian Scented in Gingerbread Cookies

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