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Written In The Stars - Vegan Crystal Infused Bath Bomb

Written In The Stars - Vegan Crystal Infused Bath Bomb

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Rainbow Obsidian is a mesmerizing healing stone that invites profound transformation and renewal. When this stone graces your life, it harmonizes with the ebb and flow of the moon's lunar cycles, illuminating your path with healing, compassion, emotional insight, and intuition. Perfect for those navigating transitions or seeking to evolve personally and within their environment, Rainbow Obsidian serves as a guiding light, encouraging you to delve deep into your emotions. With its reflective surface, it reveals hidden thoughts and patterns, empowering you to release what no longer serves you and forge a path towards your highest potential. Embrace the healing power of Rainbow Obsidian and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Self-discovery, creative inspiration, and inner growth and peace is the goal of this stone. Use it to discover your destiny written in the stars. Product Details * Infused with Rainbow Obsidian * Scented in rosemary, mint, sage, and ginger

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